Great Atmosphere.

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Great Atmosphere, Beautiful Autumn

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Great Atmosphere, Beautiful Autumn

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Great Atmosphere, Breakfast … with creativity!

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Creative idea  to transform the breakfast in a small work of art, and different every time you will eat.Inspired creations from movies, from classic artwork of cartoons from contemporary art, by nature, even from something you noticed on the road and would make an impression find place in dish. And it’s all to … eat!

amazing-breakfast-with-creativity-1-great-atmosphere-food-photographyamazing-breakfast-with-creativity-2-great-atmosphere-food-photography amazing-breakfast-with-creativity-3-great-atmosphere-food-photography amazing-breakfast-with-creativity-4-great-atmosphere-food-photography amazing-breakfast-with-creativity-5-great-atmosphere-food-photography amazing-breakfast-with-creativity-6-great-atmosphere-food-photography amazing-breakfast-with-creativity-7-great-atmosphere-food-photography amazing-breakfast-with-creativity-8-great-atmosphere-food-photography amazing-breakfast-with-creativity-9-great-atmosphere-food-photography amazing-breakfast-with-creativity-10-great-atmosphere-food-photography

Famous monuments made furniture


Design firm Studio Job created a table and a desk lamp from copies of two famous monuments, the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal. Naturally appeal to lovers of eccentric design and especially those who are full wallet.

eiffel-tower-table-lamp-famous-monuments-are-furniture-amazing-art-great-atmosphere-architecture-photography-1 taj-mahal-table-famous-monuments-are-furniture-amazing-art-great-atmosphere-architecture-photography-2

The basic material is patinated brass, while much emphasis has been placed on detail of famous monuments so that the design result as close as possible to reality, in miniature, of course. The striking is that the Taj Mahal is growing at the bottom of the table, making the furniture even more impressive. Detail, investing in gold leaf domes of the monument.