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Famous monuments made furniture


Design firm Studio Job created a table and a desk lamp from copies of two famous monuments, the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal. Naturally appeal to lovers of eccentric design and especially those who are full wallet.

eiffel-tower-table-lamp-famous-monuments-are-furniture-amazing-art-great-atmosphere-architecture-photography-1 taj-mahal-table-famous-monuments-are-furniture-amazing-art-great-atmosphere-architecture-photography-2

The basic material is patinated brass, while much emphasis has been placed on detail of famous monuments so that the design result as close as possible to reality, in miniature, of course. The striking is that the Taj Mahal is growing at the bottom of the table, making the furniture even more impressive. Detail, investing in gold leaf domes of the monument.


Top 10 places with the best views in the world …!


From the top, the view is undoubtedly the best of what there is to admire someone whether urban or natural landscape. Skyscrapers offer undoubtedly the best pictures skyline and major monuments are the ideal porch … the city where they are located.

And not only that! The best view can be found in a park, on the roof of a church still in the depths of an ocean or in the sky!

Whatever you choose to see, however, wherever you focus your eyes or your head are 10 best of places in the world where the view is breathtaking …

10. On top of the Empire State Building, USA

9. At the top of the Eiffel Tower

8. The rim of the Grand Canyon

7. At the top of Mount Everest

6. At the top of Machu Picchu

5. The higher in Glacier National Park

4. The seabed in the Galapagos Islands


3. The ceiling in the Sistine Chapel

2. The Northern Lights
best-views-in-the-world-9-The Northern Lights

1. Earth from Space

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