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Amazing Colors, Colorado, Sunrise, Aspen on Great Atmosphere

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Amazing Colors, Colorado, Sunrise, Aspen on Great Atmosphere



Great Atmosphere – Beauty of Colors


A Great Italian photographer Based in Portoscuso Alberto Seveso’s work has recently become very famous commodity for musicians. In collaboration with their music studios, bands like The Temper Trap and The Black Seeds have commissioned the talented artist to capture the fluid movement of mixing ink in eye-catching album cover designs. This series includes many of the unused shots that were taken during these coveted photo shoots.I find them very unique and magical.

Beauty of Colors 1

Beauty of Colors 1 – great atmosphere

Beauty of Colors 2

Beauty of Colors 2 – great atmosphere

Beauty of Colors 3

Beauty of Colors 3 – great atmosphere

Since the early 1990′s, Seveso has been creating his unique work with only ink, a high-speed camera, and a good eye for color. When speaking about his process, the artist says that he enjoys experimenting with his technique because, “It makes me think about the possibility to stop time in a click.” these photos are just amazing have a look….

Beauty of Colors 4

Beauty of Colors 4 – great atmosphere

Beauty of Colors 5

Beauty of Colors 5 – great atmosphere

Beauty of Colors 6

Beauty of Colors 6 – great atmosphere

Beauty of Colors 7

Beauty of Colors 7 – great atmosphere

Beauty of Colors 8

Beauty of Colors 8 – great atmosphere

Beauty of Colors 9

Beauty of Colors 9 – great atmosphere

Beauty of Colors 10

Beauty of Colors 10 – great atmosphere

Beauty of Colors 11

Beauty of Colors 11 – great atmosphere

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Beautiful blooming desert …!

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This sight not see every day! Purple flowers covered a vast desert area in Utah, U.S., creating a stunning natural landscape full of colors, where the drought hit … red!


The purple “bells desert” did their miracle again, blooming through the cracks arid soil, transforming the inhospitable desert on a spectacular flower garden.


The Phacelia campanularia, as is the scientific name of flowers thrive in dry soils and is resistant to aridity and heat. Of course, the sight you see does not happen often, since these rare plants grow such a large area, blanketing the entire desert.

Purple-flowers-desert-flowers-3-great-atmosphere-travel-nature Purple-flowers-desert-flowers-4-great-atmosphere-travel-nature Purple-flowers-desert-flowers-5-great-atmosphere-travel-nature Purple-flowers-desert-flowers-6-great-atmosphere-travel-nature Purple-flowers-desert-flowers-7-great-atmosphere-travel-nature Purple-flowers-desert-flowers-8-great-atmosphere-travel-nature