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Great Atmosphere, Amazing Long Exposure



long-exposure-neon-waterfalls-photography-2-great-atmosphere-amazing long-exposure-neon-waterfalls-photography-3-great-atmosphere-amazing long-exposure-neon-waterfalls-photography-4-great-atmosphere-amazing-nature long-exposure-neon-waterfalls-photography-5-great-atmosphere-amazing long-exposure-neon-waterfalls-photography-6-great-atmosphere-amazing-nature

Beautiful photographic series of Neon Waterfalls  from photographer Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard who placed in cascades and waterfalls California glow sticks.


Author: Great Atmosphere

Promoting a great atmosphere for you! A great way to create harmony and unity. Great atmosphere is important as it boosts morale, unity, and determination that are critical factors for productivity.

4 thoughts on “Great Atmosphere, Amazing Long Exposure

  1. These are really marvelous..!!

  2. Reblogged this on ecologyescapades and commented:
    Wow. What a wonderful way to show off this force of nature!

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