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18 creative and amazing ways to decorate easter eggs

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Colored eggs is the universal symbol of Easter, and the tradition dates back way to Mesopotamia. Some cultures today are more keen on buying colored or even chocolate eggs, but let’s be honest, decorating them yourself is always much more fun!

To get your creative juices flowing, here’s a list of 18creative DIY Easter ideas – some of them are so pretty that it’s gonna be hard to crack and eat the eggs later!

Which one do you like the most?

1. Cover Egg With Tacky Glue and Dip In Sprinkles


2. Wrap an Egg With Colored Threads


3. Glue Dried Flowers and Put Egg into Boiling Onion DecoctionEaster-Eggs-3_Glue_Dried_Flowers_and_Put_Egg_into_Boiling_Onion_Decoction_1 Easter-Eggs-3_Glue_Dried_Flowers_and_Put_Egg_into_Boiling_Onion_Decoction_2 Easter-Eggs-3_Glue_Dried_Flowers_and_Put_Egg_into_Boiling_Onion_Decoction_3 Easter-Eggs-3_Glue_Dried_Flowers_and_Put_Egg_into_Boiling_Onion_Decoction_4

4. Use Dremel Tool to Drill a Drained Egg and Embroider ItEaster-Eggs-4_Use_Dremel_Tool_to_Drill_a_Drained_Egg_and_Embroider_It_1 Easter-Eggs-4_Use_Dremel_Tool_to_Drill_a_Drained_Egg_and_Embroider_It_2

5. Wrap an Egg in an Old Tie and Boil In Water with VinegarEaster-Eggs-5_Wrap_an_Egg_in an_Old_Tie_and_Boil_In_Water_with_Vinegar_1 Easter-Eggs-5_Wrap_an_Egg_in an_Old_Tie_and_Boil_In_Water_with_Vinegar_2 Easter-Eggs-5_Wrap_an_Egg_in an_Old_Tie_and_Boil_In_Water_with_Vinegar_3

6. Crochet a Shirt On the Egg


7. Keep Adding Water to the Color

Easter-Eggs-7-Keep-Adding-Water-to-the-Color-1 Easter-Eggs-7-Keep-Adding-Water-to-the-Color-2

8. Color Eggs With Watercolor Paint and PencilsEaster-Eggs-8-Color-Eggs-With-Watercolor-Paint-and-Pencils-1

9. Use Permanent Marker

Easter-Eggs-9-Use-Permanent-Marker-1 Easter-Eggs-9-Use-Permanent-Marker-3 Easter-Eggs-9-Use-Permanent-Marker-2

10. Stick Strips of Masking Tape on the Egg

Easter-Eggs-10-Stick-Strips-of-Masking-Tape-on-the-Egg-1 Easter-Eggs-10-Stick-Strips-of-Masking-Tape-on-the-Egg-2

11. Glue Various Seeds and Edibles onto the Egg

Easter-Eggs-11-Glue-Various-Seeds-and-Edibles-onto-the-Egg-1 Easter-Eggs-11-Glue-Various-Seeds-and-Edibles-onto-the-Egg-2

12. Cut And Stick Mustache from Black Adhesive VinylEaster-Eggs-12-Cut-And-Stick-Mustache-from-Black-Adhesive-Vinyl-1

13. Stick New Piece of Tape Before Every New Layer Of DyeEaster-Eggs-13-Stick-New-Piece-of-Tape-Before-Every-New-Layer-Of-Dye-1 Easter-Eggs-13-Stick-New-Piece-of-Tape-Before-Every-New-Layer-Of-Dye-2

14. Wrap the Egg With Lace and Dip it Into Dye

Easter-Eggs-14-Wrap-the-Egg-With-Lace-and-Dip-it-Into-Dye-1 Easter-Eggs-14-Wrap-the-Egg-With-Lace-and-Dip-it-Into-Dye-3 Easter-Eggs-14-Wrap-the-Egg-With-Lace-and-Dip-it-Into-Dye-2

15. Create Marble Eggs by Putting Cracked Eggs in Tea/Soy MixtureEaster-Eggs-15-Create-Marble-Eggs-by-Putting-Cracked-Eggs-in-TeaSoy-Mixture-1 Easter-Eggs-15-Create-Marble-Eggs-by-Putting-Cracked-Eggs-in-TeaSoy-Mixture-2

18.Super Mario Bros Easter Eggs


17.decoupage eggs for Easter

Easter-Eggs-17-Decoupage-Use fabric-or-patterned-paper-to-create-lovely-floral-eggs

18.Star Wars Eggs The force is most definitely with these eggs.



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