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Stunning Street Art in Cuba, on Great Atmosphere



In Cuba, two street artists decorated the streets with murals of senior citizens who survived the Cuban Revolution (1953-1959). The artworks are the continuation of the ongoing series named, “The Wrinkles of the City”. The two architects are JR and Jose Parla. The earlier parts of the series were done in Cartagena, Spain and it was reshaped in Shanghai and Los Angeles.

The beautiful pieces of work are located in La Havana, Cuba. The artworks featured Parla, a cuban descent. JR, the French created the portraits where as Parla did the color combination of them while adding depth using the writings.

street-art-at-cuba-2-great_atmosphere-art-photography street-art-at-cuba-3-great_atmosphere-art-photography street-art-at-cuba-4-great_atmosphere-art-photography