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International Day of Families – 15th May on Great Atmosphere (part 2)



15 May every year: Highlighting the importance of families as basic units of society.

International Day of Families was brought about by the United Nations Programme on the Family and will stress the importance of having healthy and happy relationships with your relatives.

Families are the ‘basic core’ of our society – we are born into them and some of the most important developing years of our lives are spent growing up with our families.

But every family life is different and the UN Family Programme recognises this.  Just as we have lots of different cultures, we also have different ways people interact with each other depending on where they’re from.

International-day-of-Families-2013-great-atmosphere-beautiful-photography-8 International-day-of-Families-2013-great-atmosphere-beautiful-photography-9 International-day-of-Families-2013-great-atmosphere-beautiful-photography-10 International-day-of-Families-2013-great-atmosphere-beautiful-photography-11 International-day-of-Families-2013-great-atmosphere-beautiful-photography-12

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International Day of Families – 15th May on Great Atmosphere (part 1)



15 May every year: Highlighting the importance of families as basic units of society.

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed that 15 May of every year shall be observed as theInternational Day of Families. The day reflects the importance that the international community attaches to families as basic units of society as well as its concern regarding their situation around the world.

International-day-of-Families-2013-great-atmosphere-beautiful-photography International-day-of-Families-2013-great-atmosphere-beautiful-photography International-day-of-Families-2013-great-atmosphere-beautiful-photography International-day-of-Families-2013-great-atmosphere-beautiful-photography International-day-of-Families-2013-great-atmosphere-beautiful-photography

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Another Visual Dimension by Nacho Ormaechea

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Another Visual Dimension by Nacho Ormaechea

silhouettes-open-visual-portals-nacho-ormaechea-1-great-atmosphere-photography silhouettes-open-visual-portals-nacho-ormaechea-2-great-atmosphere-photography silhouettes-open-visual-portals-nacho-ormaechea-3-great-atmosphere-photography silhouettes-open-visual-portals-nacho-ormaechea-4-great-atmosphere-photography silhouettes-open-visual-portals-nacho-ormaechea-5-great-atmosphere-photography silhouettes-open-visual-portals-nacho-ormaechea-6-great-atmosphere-photography silhouettes-open-visual-portals-nacho-ormaechea-7-great-atmosphere-photography silhouettes-open-visual-portals-nacho-ormaechea-8-great-atmosphere-photography silhouettes-open-visual-portals-nacho-ormaechea-9-great-atmosphere-photography silhouettes-open-visual-portals-nacho-ormaechea-10-great-atmosphere-photography

Spanish artist Nacho Ormaechea who lives and works in Paris creates beautiful digital collages by filling silhouettes of people photographed on the street with visually contradicting images. Because of the these strange juxtapositions of color, place and subject we’re left wondering what the meaning is. Are these memories or desires of these anonymous people, or are they portals to another place and time?

Great Atmosphere – Festival of Colours in India

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People cheering as colored water drops on it, during celebrations at the Festival of Colors, the Indian city Ahmedabad in India. The Festival of Colours marks the beginning of spring and is celebrated all over India.

The festival Holi, is dedicated to the sacrifice of Holika and every spring, while in Mathoura city was the birthplace of the god Krishna, celebrations keep 16 days are dedicated to Goddess Radha’s love for Krishna.

See the pictures below stunning colorful welcoming of spring in various cities of India.

Holi-festival-of-colours-Boltons-India Holi-festival-of-colours-Boltons-India_2013


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Cool similarities of humans and animals!

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The fact that ignorant people among them are found to have some similarities in characteristics, colors or expression is something quite ordinary, which makes absolutely no impression on anyone.

Cool-similarities-of-humans-and-animals--pet-look-alike-1-great-atmosphere Cool-similarities-of-humans-and-animals--pet-look-alike-2-great-atmosphere Cool-similarities-of-humans-and-animals--pet-look-alike-3-great-atmosphere

The eyes, the expression, the similarities of people and animals is amazing!

Cool-similarities-of-humans-and-animals--pet-look-alike-4-great-atmosphere Cool-similarities-of-humans-and-animals--pet-look-alike-5-great-atmosphere

The truth, however, is that if these people never lose their favorite animal, and all anyone will understand that it is theirs and they will return it back soon. So, see only the good side …Cool-similarities-of-humans-and-animals--pet-look-alike-6-great-atmosphere