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Namibia, where the desert meets the sea!



The desert Namibia has some of the highest and most spectacular sand dunes in the world, in some places reaching to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, creating one of the most surreal sights …! Blonde or orange color of the sand is in stark contrast with the infinite blue of the sea in a picture that takes your breath away.

The best vantage point is none other than the town Swakopmund, Namibia, the largest coastal city in the country but also one of the nicest places that crowds gather. The origins of the city are German, while stands the old German neighborhood in the city center, making it even more the contrast observed by the visitor to the landscape.

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The most unusual forests on the planet!


Forest is known as an area with a high density of trees. Forests cover about 9.4% of Earth’s surface (or 30% of total area), while most of them are very popular tourist destinations in the world. Many visitors discover the beauty of nature within them, while various activities provide an opportunity for more people to experience the other side, the naturalist! But there are also lesser-known forests, which even boast their particularities. Unusual trees, logs paradoxical, rare plant species, even underwater forests causing great interest to the general public. The least!

1. The mall with baobab, Madagascar


2. The submerged forest lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan


3. Dead forest, Namibia


4. Crooked Forest, Poland


5. Wild Apple Forest, Kazakhstan


6. The Great Banyan, India


7. Lemoodasos – Poros, Greece