Great Atmosphere.

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Great Atmosphere – 8 planets in the position of the moon!


The artist and author Ron Miller decided to answer the question that torments him: “How was it the night sky if the position of the moon took other planets in our solar system?”. With the help of computer technology and the Ron replaced the moon with seven known planets, creating stunning images and an unusual result.

Especially the replacement of the moon to Jupiter, which is 40 times larger in size impresses …

1. Normal Moon

2. Mercury instead of the Moon
2-great-atmosphere-Mercury-instead-of-the-Moon- planets-position-of-the-moon

3. Mars instead of the Moon

4. Venus instead of the Moon 
4-great-atmosphere-Venus-instead-of-the-Moon- planets-position-of-the-moon

5. Heaven instead of the Moon 
5-great-atmosphere-Heaven-instead-of-the-Moon- planets-position-of-the-moon

6. Neptune instead of the Moon
6-great-atmosphere-Neptune-instead-of-the-Moon- planets-position-of-the-moon

6. Neptune instead of the Moon 


8. Jupiter instead of the Moon


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