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Amazing fields from above! Great Atmosphere

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Amazing fields from above! Great Atmosphere

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The human towers ”castells” in Catalonia, Spain


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The human towers (“castells” in Catalan) are built traditionally in festivities and competitions in Catalonia, Spain. At these events each team (“colla”) builds and dismantles several human towers, this festival counts more than 200 years in the country . For their success, a crowded and stunning base of dozens of people needs to be previously perfectly set up.



The youngest and the weakest are the top of the tower, while the heavier members compose the base. Each tower consists of two or three levels, while the audience jostling and pushes forward, helping in this way the creation of a stable human tower.



Hundreds of men, women and children are divided into groups of 100-500 people and compete to create the tallest human towers. The youngest and the weakest are the top of the tower, while the heavier members compose the base.


The sky of human towers

More than 20000 people gather each year to catch a glimpse of the competition. The higher the tower of a team, the more are the points. The strategy is to put young members at the top and heavy aged people at base.

The sky of human towers


Mind-Blowing Architectural Density in Hong Kong


architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-1-great-atmosphere architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-2-great-atmosphere architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-3-great-atmosphere architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-4-great-atmosphere architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-6-great-atmosphere architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-7-great-atmosphere architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-9-great-atmosphere architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-11-great-atmosphere architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-12-great-atmosphere architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-13-great-atmosphere

In his ‘Architecture of Density’ photo series, German photographer Michael Wolf explores the jaw-dropping urban landscapes of Hong Kong. He rids his pictures of any context, such above or the earth below, and rarely includes people, either. The images are large scale flat captions of buildings which appear to be infinite and haunting in Michael’s photos.

Michael’s main focus has always been life in mega cities, capturing the urban beauty of the “architecture and the vernacular culture of metropolises,” as explained in his statement. The distinctive feature of Michael’s work is said to be his ability to “find the symbolic value in those seemingly insignificant details that so often go unnoticed”.