Great Atmosphere.

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Great Atmosphere, Subway lights

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Great Atmosphere, Subway lights

Great Atmosphere – The city in the clouds, Dubai

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So how high do you have to be to walk above the clouds? 85th floor, that’s the answer. German photographer Sebastian Opitz has been getting up at 4 a.m. and taking trips to 1.358-foot-tall (414 m) Princess Tower in Dubai to capture these dream-like pictures of skyscrapers piercing the fluffy clouds and the fog. Among them you can also see Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

According to Opitz, thick fog is rare in Dubai, it occurs only four to six days a year and evaporates after 9 a.m. Seems like tons of dedication and liters of coffee had to be used to capture these spectacular moments. But the thrill must’ve been completely worth it – it’s like a whole different world up there!

a-blaze-with-light-dubai-in-fog-sebastian-opitz-1a-blaze-with-light-dubai-great-atmosphere-in-fog-sebastian-opitz-9  a-blaze-with-light-dubai-in-fog-sebastian-opitz-3 a-blaze-with-light-dubai-in-fog-sebastian-opitz-4 a-blaze-with-light-dubai-in-fog-sebastian-opitz-10 a-blaze-with-light-dubai-in-fog-sebastian-opitz-11 a-blaze-with-light-dubai-travel-destinations-in-fog-sebastian-opitz-2 The-city-in-the-clouds-Dubai-fog-sebastian-opitz-great-atmosphere-7 The-city-in-the-clouds-Dubai-fog-sebastian-opitz-great-atmosphere-8

Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy, by night.

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Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy, by night.

The leading tower of Pisa, also known as the Tower of Pisa, is a free standing bell tower next to the Church of the Italian city of Pisa. The Tower is located behind the church and is said to be the third oldest structure in Pisa. The tower was made to stand straight, however immediately after it was constructed, it started leaning towards the south east due to a weekly laid foundation and substrate that allows the foundation to change direction.

The total height of the tower is 186.27 feet from the ground towards the lower side and 186.02 feet on the higher side. Its width from the bottom is measured 13 plus feet and 8 plus feet from the top. The Towers total weight is 14,500 metric tons and has 296/294 steps.

Santiago Calatrava amazing architecture

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Santiago Calatrava amazing architectureSantiago_Calatrava_city_of_arts_and_sciences_spain-travel_architecture_2013_beautiful_photography_design_181_1

Santiago Calatrava Valls , born 28 July 1951 is a Spanish architect, sculptor and structural engineer whose principal office is in Zürich, Switzerland. He has offices in Zürich, Paris, Valencia, and New York City (where he now resides).


Santiago Calatrava Bridge