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9 isolated islands for modern … Robinson! on Great Atmosphere

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9 isolated islands for modern … Robinson!

Key features are the difficulty of approach, isolation from the civilized world and the amazing landscapes, beautiful beaches and a natural environment that offers a unique experience to those who love exploring and adventure. Away from the traditional destinations of the Caribbean or the Maldives, there are 9 islands that may be unknown to many and no advertised, but not lacking either in beauty or in hospitality, quite the opposite! In some cases far outweigh the much known images of destinations.

1. Bouvet, South Atlantic


2. Easter Island


3. Rapa Iti, Tubuai Islands


4. Kiritimati, Line Islands


5. Jarvis Island


6. Kosrae, Micronesia


7.  Malden, Line Islands


8.  Midway


9. South  Sentinel


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