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Top 10 fabulous islands in the world, Great Atmosphere



Top 10 fabulous islands in the world, Great Atmosphere

Usually, these small islands are covered by lush vegetation and dominate the center of a lake or a sea, near the shore, while among the trees emerges a house like other castle awaits the coming of the prince and princess of fairy and elf. Why … when we say “fabulous place” is not an exaggeration, especially in view of these islands.

1. Bled, Slovenia

Bled Island from Bled Castle

2. Pfalz, Germany


3. Visovac, Croatia


4. Heart, USA


5. Wilhelmstein, Germany

Überflug Transall  

6. Mont Saint-Michel, France

L'abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel, Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France 2010

7. Trakai Island Castle, Lithuania


8. Loreto, Italy


9. Dark, USA


10. Mouse Island, Greece



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4 thoughts on “Top 10 fabulous islands in the world, Great Atmosphere

  1. Wow an amazing list! Makes me wish I had an island as beautiful too!

  2. All beautiful islands! The Thousand Islands in New York are wonderful!

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