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Diving under the ice of the Arctic!

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Diving under the ice of the Arctic!

“I feel like an astronaut,” were the first words of 30 years Dytrias Emmanuelle Périé after plunge into the icy waters of the Arctic, beneath huge glaciers of the North Pole. The only woman among eight colleagues who participated in the program «DeepSea Under the Pole», who lived a unique experience in the icy abyss of the ocean, whose temperature is -45 degrees Celsius.

diving-under-ice-arctic-ocean-12-beautiful-blue-photography-great-atmosphere diving-under-ice-arctic-ocean-11-beautiful-blue-photography-great-atmosphere

“The ice melted before our eyes, and swam in extreme circumstances, in the most inhospitable and frozen regions of the planet,” he says. This program was designed to explore the unknown underwater areas of the Arctic and Antarctic, the study of diversity and a better scientific understanding of the environment. It is worth noting that it was the first time I took such a dive in one of the harshest climates on the planet and revealed the hidden side of the polar ice caps, something that no one has yet been seen.

diving-under-ice-arctic-ocean-10-beautiful-amazing-travel-destination-photography-great-atmosphere diving-under-ice-arctic-ocean-8-beautiful-blue-photography-great-atmosphere diving-under-ice-arctic-ocean-9-beautiful-blue-photography-great-atmosphere diving-under-ice-arctic-ocean-7-beautiful-blue-photography-great-atmosphere diving-under-ice-arctic-ocean-6-beautiful-blue-travel-photography-great-atmosphere diving-under-ice-arctic-ocean-4-beautiful-blue-photography-great-atmosphere diving-under-ice-arctic-ocean-5-beautiful-blue-photography-great-atmosphere diving-under-ice-arctic-ocean-3-beautiful-blue-photography-great-atmosphere diving-under-ice-arctic-ocean-2-beautiful-blue-photography-great-atmosphere


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