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Great Atmosphere, Li River, China, beautiful river for painters and poets



Although there are many places in the world that can comfortably be described as “a photographer’s dream”, the Li river located in the province in Guangxi province of China called “the river of poets and painters” as is undoubtedly inspiring anyone sit down to meditate on its banks. The river is surrounded by incredible view of lush hills, conical limestone peaks and rice while fishing with cormorants in the water of one of the traditional occupations of the inhabitants of the surrounding area.


Variety of colors that alternate depending on the time of giving the landscape a dreamlike, while images of the river are often artwork in travel publications and magazines about the environment. Thousands of visitors come here each year to admire the landscape and those who wish to make the following poetry or painting collection!











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3 thoughts on “Great Atmosphere, Li River, China, beautiful river for painters and poets

  1. Thanks for sharing. This place looks amazing.

  2. Incredible color! What a different lifestyle! Seems peaceful.

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