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Futuristic shaped hotel ”heart” ! on Great Atmosphere

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The city of New York becomes the … heart! Among the buildings of a megacity futuristic hotel in the name »The Heart of the District» (pp. “The heart of the region”) is intended to mean that the central organ of the city. Taking the shape of hearts, the hotel manually architects Arina Agieieva and Dmitri Zhuikov composed entirely of organic components and features a modern and striking design that is both futuristic and emotional context that surrounds him!

Futuristic-shaped-hotel-heart-1-great-atmosphere-architecture-photography Futuristic-shaped-hotel-heart-2-great-atmosphere-architecture-photography Futuristic-shaped-hotel-heart-3-great-atmosphere-architecture-photography Futuristic-shaped-hotel-heart-4-great-atmosphere-architecture-photography

“With the belief that every urban environment has a soul whether to people or buildings, New York City, which is a living piece throbbing daily motion, must have its own heart!” Say the architects. The hotel is located between the buildings and are expected to provide quality accommodation of high standards in line with modern requirements, while graced with the presence of the city and attract many tourists.Futuristic-shaped-hotel-heart-5-great-atmosphere-modern-architecture-photography Futuristic-shaped-hotel-heart-6-great-atmosphere-modern-architecture-photography Futuristic-shaped-hotel-heart-7-great-atmosphere-modern-architecture-photography Futuristic-shaped-hotel-heart-8-great-atmosphere-modern-architecture-photography


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