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Impressive pools in tropical forest!


The hotel «Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel» is the first in the lists of visitors to Indonesia, especially those who choose Bali for their holidays. With numerous awards under his belt, this little paradise in Bali impresses at all levels. And not without reason!

Impressive-pools-in-tropical-forest-1-great-atmosphere Impressive-pools-in-tropical-forest-2-Ubud-Hanging-Gardens-Hotel-Indonesia-Bali Impressive-pools-in-tropical-forest-3-great-atmosphere

The pools are built entirely of stone and dominate the center of the hotel, while the design gives the impression to the viewer that the water “flooding”, continuing uninterrupted flow through the woods … Impressive-pools-in-tropical-forest-4-Ubud-Hanging-Gardens-Hotel-Indonesia-Bali Impressive-pools-in-tropical-forest-5-great-atmosphere Impressive-pools-in-tropical-forest-6-Ubud-Hanging-Gardens-Hotel Impressive-pools-in-tropical-forest-7-Indonesia-Bali

“The pools are hanging the great asset to our hotel, because of their shape-allowing the visitor to feel that he is an integral part of nature and is perfectly integrated into the landscape,” says the manager of the hotel. Impressive-pools-in-tropical-forest-8-Indonesia-Bali-great-atmosphere


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