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Great Atmosphere – Top15 of the most beautiful lakes in Europe


Loch Duich, Scotland


Hallstattersee, Austria


Kerid Crater Lake, Iceland


Konigsee Lake, Germany


Lake Annecy, France


Lake Bled, Slovenia


Lake Como, Italy


Lake Wastwater, Lake District, England


Lake Geneva, France and Switzerland


Lake Lucerne, Switzerland


Lakes of Killarney, Ireland


Lake Garda, Italy


Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia - 18

Lake Saimaa, Finland


Sognefjord, Norway


Author: Great Atmosphere

Promoting a great atmosphere for you! A great way to create harmony and unity. Great atmosphere is important as it boosts morale, unity, and determination that are critical factors for productivity.

12 thoughts on “Great Atmosphere – Top15 of the most beautiful lakes in Europe

  1. Can I just add something:)) For Slovenia..LakeBled is defenitly awesome spot but breathtaking is defenitly BOVEC!
    Defenitly I can dare to say the most Magical place! :))
    Have a great day 😉

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  12. Lovely pictures. I have painted the Scottish castle im you first image. See my paintings in my website.

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